In Our Clients’ Own Words … Entrepreneur Testimonials

“Integrity and Transparency…TAG came through with financing, capital and creativity..Kudos! “

” TAG has been a tremendous partner especially considering this is our very first deal. One, you have absolutely kept to your stated intent and word throughout the process. For me, as a business owner and entrepreneur who has been part of the management team of 8 earlier start ups and on the due diligence team for investors of others, the clear integrity and transparency is invaluable.

Second, with the capital markets roiled as they have been, you came through with private debt financing and have proven extremely reliable producing capital and creative concepts to tackle difficult investment issues. Kudos to you and your team. I, my partners, and my employees appreciate your confidence, ingenuity, resourcefulness, and steady support. “

– Blake Ratcliffe, CEO BRPH Investments LLC

“The most valuable thing I have done for my business.”

“I was skeptical of consultants and outside advisors and so was initally reluctant to bring on TAG; but in hindsight, working with TAG has been the most valuable thing I have done for my business since I started it 6 years ago. In less then 3 sessions, My TAG advisory board had helped me head off a potentially catastrophic internal crisis and gave me strategies that helped immediately create additional found cash.

As a direct result of your TAG advice, I not only saved my company, but I also:

  1. Raised more capital from investors than requested.
  2. Restructured bank debt with investor money.
  3. Negotiated a large increase in my compensation.
  4. Negotiated a larger equity position in the company.

Your team gave me the insight to turn, what appeared to be a problem, into a wonderful opportunity. Since then, you have continued to prove extremely valuable with business plan development, and ongoing advice, which has provided direct and indirect value to the company. Finally, your executive coaching program has been invaluable for both the company and my own professional growth. We are now working with TAG to raise expansion capital and I strongly recommend that any growth entrepreneur try working with TAG and see how this support can help them and their business!”

– Tom Heffernan, CEO – Zoe Spa & Salon
TAG quickly helped us in many ways: 1] encouraged and gave us confidence around our marketing strategy for our services and products; 2] Identified, repackaged, and branded our key services for wider, new markets; 3] 1-on-1 coaching on hot topics, key pain points, and presentation; 4] Lead generation and connections to high value partners; and 5] honest feedback and insight on areas of improvement and quality.”
– Siobhan Green, CEOSonjara
Partial Client List TAG was created “for Entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs,” and we are happy to have played a role in supporting our entrepreneur clients.  Some of the companies currently supported by TAG include:
  • Appleton
  • ISC
  • Mohave Vista
  • Zoe
  • MMR
  • Brandserts
  • Notemarks
  • e-mertain
  • Stonecroft Capital
  • Chainstar USA
  • Ideal Bite
  • Capital City Entertainment
  • The Acceleration Fund
  • NICA
  • Fashion Technology Ventures
  • Corp Connections
  • REIN Finance
  • Astoria Energy
  • Forum Group
  • Mosaic
  • Daedalus
  • Alternative Energy Fund
  • Ganix
  • Co-Op Systems
Additonal quotes from past clients that TAG members have supported directly…

Rose Financial Services

“Chris’ entrepreneur coaching services are much more personal then is typical in business, you are awesome at what you do and people appreciate the difference it makes! He was instrumental in defining the values under which our company operates.

After the first team meeting it became clear who the leaders were and who needed to move on. We now operate with a clearer sense of purpose and direction. The advisory and coaching meetings are passionate and personal, and the passion is contagious. I highly recommend these services to any organization that is committed to growth.”

Edward Rose, President – Rose Financial Services


“As a cofounder, CTO and owner of a medium-sized company, I often find myself in a pressure-cooker — having to wrestle with issues of all types and sizes. Unlike many ‘advice-weary’ coaches I’ve used before, TAG led me to tools that allowed me to take control of my issues and develop a proactive approach towards them. I have been able to apply the same tools to address issues outside of the office too!

Specifically, our TAG Partner, was a great coach to help me find the guts to face facts and just go ahead and deal with the day-to-day challenges entrepreneurs often put off. My life and our business is much better for it! “

Marc Wallace, Founder and CTO Swapdrive