TAG is a team of entrepreneur coaches who, in most cases, are actively growing companies of their own.  We are raving fans of entrepreneurship that works – for the marketplace, for the entrepreneur who is the soul of the business, and for the company’s constituency that are counting on the company’s success.

Most successful people, be they stars, professional athletes, or outstanding CEOs have individual coaches – in many cases multiple coaches.  We know that CEOs of all companies need coaches who have real world, relevant experience starting, running, buying, and selling companies of all industries and sizes.  TAG has evolved to fill that need – we match you, the growing CEOs and entrepreneurs, with the right coaches for the challenges you are currently dealing with.

TAG developed the 1 Tag Team model to help you, the younger stage business owners, who are embarking on a quantum change… to grow and push yourself and to make steady progress to your success.  Our model not only ensures the right fit for your coach, but also a seamless way to shift you from one coaching relationship (or many) to the next as you grow and thrive and your needs evolve.

Finding the right coach, depends on personality fit, expertise matching, and coaching routines, techniques and rhythms.  Finding the right coach for you also depends on your stage of growth of you and your company. This discovery is a challenge, as is sustaining a long term relationship – often the coach to get you through a type of business or personal challenge will not be the coach to get you through a new stage or age.  TAG’s integrated system and team helps you find the right coach(es) for you now and as you grow.

Every one of your coaches at TAG are experienced entrepreneurs who have direct experience with:

  1. multiple business exits and acquisitions,
  2. navigating and leading businesses through multiple stages,
  3. a depth and breadth of coaching training,
  4. interim-executive support, and
  5. hands on experience supporting high growth entrepreneurs and startups.

This fall, TAG is rolling out our entrepreneur-coach matching system which will provide extensive profiles of our coaches, as well as a resource for near-time remote coaching support that should drive coaching accessibility down closer to within reach of very young startup company CEOs and founders.  If you are interested in being a part of our beta program for our remote coaching system, please let us know when you connect with us!